An official Gekko service is coming soon:
Quote:Just remember people can be real dicks always looking for an angle to exploit things. 1st world people tend to be a little bit naive in good faith.
Case in point: People using open source code and not sharing strats.

Very true, and right now there is really no other way of doing things. You can post your strategy on the forum if you feel like sharing but that's about it. The service allows for much more since you can give access to your strategy without everyone being able to steal it and sell it through.

Quote:Absolutely. The API permissions are varying, but let it put it this way: Why hack an exchange when you can hack a service with APIs for multiple exchanges that is probably much easier to penetrate?

Well for one because hacking Gekko Plus doesn't give you any direct access to user funds. Exchanges store money (crypto as well as fiat) - Gekko Plus won't. But there are still risks of course, I think something similar happened a few days ago on binance (see here).

Quote:As of now i don't really have a reason. But what if they come up with the same idea?

I don't think this is very likely: Gekko will only bring good things to an exchange, stopping Gekko will only make all your users mad. Kraken has been struggling for a while with their UI, so when their was a third party app with a better trading interface that people liked (cryptowatch) they bought cryptowatch instead of disabling it.

Though I don't think this will ever happen with something like Gekko: automated trading is a complex and when things go wrong (for a reason as simple as bad strategies) people will blame some party, I don't think any exchange wants to be exposed to these kinds of risks.

Quote:Do you have any payment options in mind?

As much of a fan as I am of crypto it will probably start out with a standard PSP like stripe or something. As you rightly pointed out security is a big concern, for starters I want to worry about as few things as possible. I've set up hot/cold wallet systems before so I know what is involved, as such I know how much simpler integration with something like stripe is.

Quote:Will there be a beta?

Hopefully soooon!

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