An official Gekko service is coming soon:
Even with the web UI Gekko is still a pretty technical tool: Installing it requires installing development environments (like nodejs and npm) over the commandline. Even if you're able to do this you still need to run Gekko 24/7 if you actively want to run it over the live crypto markets, raising the barrier even more. Finally I want to do something with the strategies, whenever people ask for "successful" strategies the answer is always "nobody will share them because why would they?".

In order to make Gekko more accessable for everyone (also non technical users) I am going to make an online web service where users can sign up and manage their own Gekkos. No installation or complicated configuration (no more config files)! No more need to keep your computer running at night to run Gekko.

[Image: 38608697-41c9306a-3da6-11e8-94c2-c3c5b9d6b4a1.png]

This will be a paid service, with the money earned I can justify working on Gekko a lot more (It's getting a bit out of hand with constantly growing community). Note that this will in no (negative) way impact the free and open source version of Gekko. Gekko will always stay free to download and use as a standalone tool.

I am still ironing out the details and will post more here as soon as I know it!

To be sure to stay up to date regarding subscribe on the Gekkoplus Website here.


Quote:I just released the public alpha here!

It's quite static still but over the next few days I have some massive updates planned!

News article:
Youtube explanation:

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