[SHARE] Simple RSI BULL/BEAR strategy

I was testing a lot with RSI BULL BEAR +ADX.. My conclusion was, that is strategy is very powerfull on uptrend or bullish trend.. But when trend is changed to bear or downtrend i found that strategy is very stable: https://github.com/xFFFFF/Gekko-Strategi...ster/BBRSI.

Can someone help me to write (RSI BULL BEAR +ADX) + BBRSI strategy together. I want to achive when trend is quite bullish, that RSI bull bear+adx is activated and on other side, when trend goes Downtrend that BBRSI strategy is activated, beacuase is very stable in downtrend market, but in bullish uptrend is not trading so good. This would be avesome.

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