Bounty Feature Requests
Some people have approached me for custom functionality for Gekko with the offer to pay for it. I would love to help out everyone (and be compensated for it) but unfortunately I am extremely busy these days.

This what I propose, If you want a new feature for Gekko (functionality, exchange integration, indicator, plugin) and:

- You want to pay to have this feature developed.
- You do not mind that this feature will be part of the public release of Gekko after it has been build.
- You do not mind paying ME up front (I will act as the trusted third party).
- (optional) You have a deadline in mind.

This is for you!

Rules of the game

  1. When creating a bounty you have to very specifically describe the exact required behaviour of the feature you want. For example if you want a new exchange added you need to describe what functionality needs to be supported (Gekko understands 3 levels of support per exchange, read more about those here).
  2. I will only recognise a bounty as being valid once I have received the bounty amount (in any type of crypto).
  3. Anyone can work on and complete a bounty (this includes me).
  4. I will only consider a bounty completed once a PR has been accepted (this means both submitted and merged) to the official Gekko repo AND I personally consider the PR to completely implement the requested feature - for this reason rule 1 is very important.
  5. I will pay out the complete bounty, minus a network fee I will need to pay to send the transaction. For example: if someone creates a bounty with a 0.1 BTC reward, I would call the bounty valid once I have received 0.1 BTC, once the bounty is completed I will send 0.1 BTC minus a minimal network fee (paid to bitcoin miners NOT to me) to the person who completed the bounty.
  6. If a bounty is created for a feature I do not want in Gekko, it will not be part of the bounty program described in this page. I will explain this in the specific feature request and we will figure out a different way to handle that bounty.
  7. I personally might resolve the right to add implementation restrictions to the Bounty. given that as the lead maintainer of Gekko I will after the bounty has been accepted be responsible for maintaining everything (including the implementation of the new feature).
  8. I am under no obligation to accept PRs if I don't like their implementations (see point above).
  9. [for bounty hunters] I might need to verify whether a certain forum user is the same as a certain Github user before I pay out. In this case I might ask you (the forum user) to create a specific gist or so on your Github account.
  10. I reserve the right to change any of these rules at any time.

How to create a bounty

- Simply start a new topic in this subforum and prefix the title with [BOUNTY].
- Be very specific about the feature request (if you are not specific enough I will ask you to amend details)
- Add a reward in some crypto (for example an amount of bitcoin or ether).
- Wait for me to reply with a response as well as a deposit address.
- Send the deposit to me.
- Wait for someone to complete the bounty Smile


If you have some ideas about bounties let's discuss them in this thread.
Great idea. There is also

  • * Easy to organize and search bounties
  • * Multiple users can add to a bounty

  • * They don't accept crypto payments
  • * Long processing time to get paid
  • * They take a big cut out of every bounty.
It's also possible to spin up your own instance of bountysource. It's open sourced on github. This way you get the pros without the cons.

I suggest we stick with mike's proposal for now, so more of the bounty goes to the developer that deserves it.

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