Hey, I'm looking for a flashlight that I can attach to my victorinox multi-tool, I don't want to spend more than $ 20 (not really sure if it exists), and it's rechargeable, and also is the olight i1r a good one
Maybe Amazon can help you Wink
Hi, as a person who often travels and actively goes hiking, I can tell you that you can easily find such a flashlight. For example, I bought a high quality camping lantern that I use for about a year before my friends told me that we would go camping at night, and therefore when we make a camp, everyone should have camp lamps that will illuminate the entire area. We did so, and it was the best time in my whole life. By the way, I advise you to take a closer look at Amazon, where you can find a budget and high-quality lamp for your affairs for such money Smile So, good luck to you. I hope you were going to find what you want.

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