Gekko's plans for new features from Green Gekko mod

I guess this question is more or less for Askmike and mark-sch..

Is there a plan to integrate some of the features added by mark-sch's mod to the native gekko? There are some really nice features he has added, but for example, if I want to use the green gekko now, I would need to migrate all of the existing sqllite db file to postgresql.. I would also need to modify many of my already existing strategies to take advantage of the new features below..

That's all fine at the moment, but from a maintainability perspective, when a new release of native gekko comes out, I don't want to be going back and forth between the two builds to figure out which one I'd like to use today..

So my question is, are any of the below features planned to be integrated in the next release of gekko?

  • Extended trading-strategy possibilities:
    • Heikin-Ashi candles core support, e.g. use candle.ha.close instead of candle.close inside your strategy
    • set trading amount while giving advice (e.g. buy with 50% of my portfolio)
    • allow market making or market taking order execution options
    • speedup in the internal event pipeline. Force undelayed advice execution by setting config.tradingAdvisor.fastAdviceEmit: true
    • receive "onCandle" events to allow developers building multi-timeframe strategies.
    • receive "onAdvice" events for plugin-to-plugin communication, e.g. notify the strategy with telegram initiated advices, or create containers with multiple strategies.
  • Core enhancements to write async trading strategies with new async tulip and talib wrappers. The new Green Gekko core is able to wait for async strategies without running into race conditions and allows developers to write multi-timeframe and multi-market strategies.

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