Cannot Select Exchange to add API
Hello Forum members,

I am new to Gekko and have installed it on a (virtual) raspberry PI. Installation went without noticeable problems and the UI starts without an issue.
However when I try to add an Exchange in the config section the Pull-down menu does not work or there are no selections to show. I have a key and wish to use it.

The exchange wrappers are in the wrapper folder (see printscreen)

Found this bug thread and it seams that it is exactly what I dit (npm audit fix --force) see

Anybody know what I need to do to correct this ?

Can anybody help me ?



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Solved the issue by reinstalling GEKKO on a clean (virtual) Raspberry PI .
I have the same issue! I installed on Raspberry Pi 3 with ARM7 Nodejs install from - I will delete my Gekko folder and reinstall to see if that corrects the application.

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