Chart Labels & UI questions

I'm new to Gekko and just taking it for a test drive. Thanks for a great toy to play with Smile

I've got a couple of questions on the charting:

Please see the two attachment images. I've asked Gekko to chart 3 days worth of data here.

Question 1) On the X axis of the chart, what are those labels actually representing? For example, It seems to me that the time between "03:15" and "03:16" is one hour. When I zoom in on that 'window' the time segments at up to an hour. But if this is the case, the chart only shows about 8 hours of data, not the whole 72 hrs. And what does "03:15" actually represent? It's not a time?

Question 2) Why does the 'Roundtrip' data show "1970-01-18 15:15" to "1970-01-18 15:16" as a day? That makes no sense.

Question 3) Why do the entry and exit balances, not exactly mirror the Y axis legend? The prices don't match exactly what is shown on the legend. Why the discrepancy?

Thanks for the help!

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