Poloniex doesn't retrive information in local data
I run Gekko Gekko v0.5.13 I tried to use Poloniex; starting the download of data but then suddenly said everything is done, but there is no data....This is the terminal processes:

  <-- GET /api/gekkos
  --> GET /api/gekkos 200 64ms 2b
  <-- GET /api/imports
  --> GET /api/imports 200 16ms 2b
  <-- GET /api/exchanges
  <-- GET /api/apiKeys
  --> GET /api/apiKeys 200 13ms 12b
  <-- GET /api/gekkos
  --> GET /api/gekkos 200 7ms 2b
  --> GET /api/exchanges 200 36s 91.58kb
  <-- POST /api/import
Import 7182615249482125 started
  --> POST /api/import 200 114ms 151b

How can I fix the entry of data or the source?

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I am betting your IP is flagged/banned and Gekko nor any other bot can access Poloniex API.

Can you manually try going here and posting a screenshot of what you see?


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