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run gekko as service - dengbert - 01-29-2018

hello together,
is it possible to run the gekko as service on an raspberry pi?
When yes, how?  Rolleyes


RE: run gekko as service - susitronix - 01-31-2018

RE: run gekko as service - askmike - 02-06-2018

I guess you meant "server" like susitronix said. As for "run gekko as service": I will offer a paid service where I will host Gekkos in the cloud for people who don't want to host Gekko themselves! It will take a while to get this off the ground, but stay tuned. More information can be found here:

RE: run gekko as service - tommiehansen - 02-06-2018

Run as service is basically 100% what you would do with Docker.
Thus i do not comprehend the question but do understand that askmike would like to promote his service and i do hope some sign up for it
even though it isn't necessary (sorry). :-)

RE: run gekko as service - askmike - 02-07-2018


Agree tommiehansen, but I also do other things like host people's websites "as a service", yes they could do it themselves (using docker or not) but they don't know what a server is (nor docker). If you feel confident running a docker environment (on hardware that runs 24/7, so not your school laptop) my service won't be very interesting to you.