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Creating New Strategy Tutorial? - jholley1 - 01-04-2018


Could someone create a tutorial on how to create and implement a new strategy from scratch? I am a complete noob and need all of the help I can get. I think this project is awesome and the potential for something great is definitely here, I just need some step by step help getting this bot started. 

Thanks in advance for your reply, anything that could even point me in the right direction would be great. 

NOTE: I have read the documentation throughly and I am learning javascript but a Gekko specific tutorial would be awesome!

RE: Creating New Strategy Tutorial? - askmike - 01-20-2018

Will put a video online soon, do note that creating a strategy requires scripting it in javascript.

RE: Creating New Strategy Tutorial? - jholley1 - 01-20-2018

Yes, I understand. I believe that watching you run through it one time would help out immensely. I look forward to seeing your video.

Thanks for the reply!

RE: Creating New Strategy Tutorial? - susitronix - 06-19-2018

hi jholley
back in feb i would had sought after a tutorial,
so i went ahead and made some tutorials for noobs like me.

the first is very basic:

the forth one is all about implementing some indicators (tulip library)

these codes are working but its not the elegant way of coding technique.
i just stoped making tutorials since no one is following...cheers :-)

RE: Creating New Strategy Tutorial? - MaeRomaguera - 02-22-2021

I had read your old tutorial which you had posted in this blog they are good and informative too. Some of your topics had made me write articles on them which are got posted in writing service blog. I hope this new tutorial can also help me to get some good ideas and the topics be more informative.