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Stratrunner ++ VpnDropout Win7 [SOLVED] - susitronix - 01-26-2018

Hi Mike what happen to the Live Stratrunner if a network Dropout occurs?
Or manually reconnect another vpn server. (30sec dropout or so)
Win7-64 NordVPN...

my CMD- Stratrunner displayed an error so i found its the LAN-VPN dropout. (4times: VPN-server overload)
>>>As soon as it went back online, the marketFetcher worked again and even loaded the missing Data

Wonderful thought it would take hours to relounch a working LiveGekko!
Thanks Mike

RE: Stratrunner ++ VpnDropout Win7 [SOLVED] - askmike - 02-03-2018

Glad you got it sorted Smile