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Question: Importer Exchanges - md3inaustin - 01-25-2018

Why are there less exchanges listed to import back data from, than to create live gekkos for?
How can we add more?

Thanks for the most awesome crypto trade-bot around!!  Cool

~ md3

RE: Question: Importer Exchanges - susitronix - 01-28-2018

Good day
Its because not every exchange supports a data download for events of the PAST
...what is necessary for the Backtest otherwise we must wait 3month in order to get 3month of data...

RE: Question: Importer Exchanges - md3inaustin - 01-28-2018

So does say coinmarketcap, bitcoinwisdom, and coinigy as examples, just record and store that data locally, they're not pulling past data from exchanges? ....BTW, not refuting, honest question.

RE: Question: Importer Exchanges - susitronix - 02-13-2018

Only have Coinigy.
Noticed that the amount of history is very limited. 
It depends on the candle Size, so i guess they provide a fixed number of candles per candle Size (5min/1h/1day...)

Guess they have a database but the candles would be calculated from our Browser,
the same way Gekkos CandleBatcher dos the averaging of the candleSize locally,
after she knows which candleSize we like to have