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Import new trading pairs - liquidand - 03-23-2021

Don't know if the project died, but I want to know if someone can share a fixed update-binance.js file, so to import the updated trading pair from the exchange.
If the project is died, can you please suggest another open source trading bot?


RE: Import new trading pairs - Metaplast - 06-28-2021

maybe it's worthy to change trading platform?

RE: Import new trading pairs - janleana - 06-28-2021

Yeah, changing your trading platform can help you with this. Still, you have to know a thing or two about this before you can make a lot of profit. A lot of people start forex trading without having any forex knowledge. I am not sure how they think to have any profit, but yes, it happens a lot.

That's the reason you have a lot of bad forex stories online. Before I started, everything I read about forex was negative. That changed when I learned about the forextb trading platform. It makes everything easy, and the chance of profit is higher. I also learned everything about forex before I started.

RE: Import new trading pairs - Kligan - 07-14-2021

Unfortunately, I can't help you with your problem in any way. I am not a front-end or back-end website developer and I do not plan to become one yet. I am sure that if you really want to find an answer to your question, then you need to seek help from a full-stack developer. There are a lot of such developers on github. Although I am sure that it is quite difficult to add gambling payment processors to the site. Especially if your site is an online casino or a forex trading platform. So I personally advise you to look for help on another forum or look for a good service that can provide you with a ready-made code and the payment system itself to the site. I am sure that if you want, you will definitely solve your problem!