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Rory John Gates - aedanhall - 02-13-2021

Gates has been a mainstay in the House of Cards series. He has been a constant thorn in the side of the queen for many years. In recent episodes, however, he has been revealed to be quite a nice person. He comes across as a more humble figure, which gives him a more humanising presence on the show.
In the new promo image above, Gates appears to be smiling. This suggests that the character is finally happy with his new personality, and that he might be ready to let go of the ferocious side of his personality that was revealed to us in the past. It is possible that the change might be related to the fact that he will probably die in the next season of the show. This would make sense as the character has become more of a part of the main storyline than before.
The way the producers of House of Cards have portrayed Rory over the last few months suggest that he is now ready for a change. His cold and calculating manner was probably proving a bit too much for fans of the show. He was not particularly enjoyable to watch. Perhaps it was because he represented the bad boy aspects of the show all too often.
There are several theories as to why the character of Rory John Gates has changed. One is that he has realised that the people who follow him into adulthood are likely to stay with him throughout his life. They are likely to be his lifelong friends. This realization is apparently what has brought about the sudden transformation in personality.

RE: Rory John Gates - mrseo - 03-04-2021

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