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Bitau Blockchain - aedanhall - 02-11-2021

With the intention of knowing Bitau Blockchain, it's enlightening to see it from the context of how it's been executed by Bitcoin.  Just like a database, Bitcoin wants a selection of computers to store its own blockchain.   In Bitcoin's instance, and unlike many databases, these computers aren't all under a single roof, and every computer or group of computers is run by a exceptional person or group of people.  

Imagine that a business owns a host constituted of 10,000 computers using a database carrying all its customer's account info.  This firm has a warehouse featuring each one these computers under a roof and has complete control of every one of these computers and all of the data contained inside them.  In the same way, Bitcoin is composed of tens of thousands of computers, but every computer or set of computers which maintain its blockchain is at a unique geographic location and they're all managed by different individuals or groups of individuals.  These computers that cosmetics Bitcoin's system are known as nodes.

RE: Bitau Blockchain - jenianna - 02-26-2021

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