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3 year USDT-BTC backtest - jcdude - 07-09-2019

I need some help conducting a 3 year backtest on the neuralnet_v2 strategy.
I downloaded the data and tried through the GUI but it just times out.

Does anyone have a config.js file that will allow me to run the test from the command line?
I am battling to get it to select my 3 year batch and run the test.

I need some direction as I keep getting this error when I run it from command line:

config.paperTrader.enable is 'undefined'

RE: 3 year USDT-BTC backtest - rdeman - 07-09-2019

Have you setup a config file? Also when you do backtesting you don't need a paper trader (paper traders are live traders that trade with fake money on the exchange... nothing to do with back testing)

UPDATE: If you are kinda new to Gekko and want to use it on the command-line for backtesting, this video might get you started