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Wonky UI behavior - Gorticus Smash - 02-24-2019

Hello all

I successfully installed Gekko 0.6.8 (and also 0.6.7) on my OSX mac mini with Mojave, but after launching the UI into Chrome, the pull down menus for Importing Exchange Data for Local Data and Live Gekkos won't populate, and sometimes the pull downs won't appear at all, unless I refresh the browser page. I tried using Safari, same thing. I feel like something went wrong along the way, or I'm doing something remarkably silly.  

Any help is appreciated,


RE: Wonky UI behavior - nickz - 02-24-2019

Caught it too. I just using CLI to import that needed. Funny thing if you start the first download via an importer UI starts working after that.

RE: Wonky UI behavior - Gorticus Smash - 02-24-2019

How do you download the data via command line? I'm not a command line kinda person, although I can manage it if I have to.

RE: Wonky UI behavior - Gorticus Smash - 02-24-2019

Hey, I figured it. I had installed based upon the installation video, not the step by step text. Mistakearoo. The step-by-step included more, well, steps than the video.

RE: Wonky UI behavior - nickz - 02-25-2019

What more steps? My installation looks like in this tutorial
clone > npm install > cd exchange > npm install > done
Am I missing something?

RE: Wonky UI behavior - demongin - 02-25-2019

Hey guys im having a issue there is no exchange of showing up for me. When I did CD Exchange npm install I got errors saying that path was incorrect and exchanges did not exist any help would be greatly appreciated