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This is gold - jasonbtc - 09-05-2018

This software is gold at first glance! 
I am wondering why someone who builts such a profitable platform would open-source it and make it available to the public risking masses of people adopting it and consequently reducing platforms performance and profits (assuming that if everyone uses bots to trade 24x7 - bots become less performant in generating profits).
Is my assumption correct ?
Anyway I am very glad I stepped into this! I already installed an instance and I am experimenting!
Looking forward receiving thoughts and comments!

RE: This is gold - askmike - 09-06-2018

A quick note: out of the box Gekko is not meant to be profitable. You are supposed to either create your own strategies or tweak existing ones. Read more here:

Very good question! With trading software I make the distinction between zero sum and non zero sum strategies:

You can do different trading strategies such as arbitrage (leveraging the difference in exchange prices), but these are very zero sum: if the price is 10 on market A and 11 on market B you can only trade xx until you correct that price (how much depends on liquidity on those markets). Meaning if I were to open source an arbitrage bot everyone who runs it would just be competing with each other..

You can say similar things for market making, I've talked about that concept before, check this:

However Gekko is a generic system that allows everyone to create their own trendwatching strategies. Which is NOT zero sum. I program and run a lot of different systems, zero sum based ones I don't publish online. But I do write about them sometimes, for example agent smith: