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Debug backtest - codinghamster - 07-18-2018

Hi, I'm not seeing any debug info in the console when I run a backtest. I tried adding log.debug('hello world'); right below the log import at the top of my custom file to test logging, but can't get it working.


RE: Debug backtest - mark.sch - 07-18-2018

You need to make sure to set debug=true in your config. It is also possible that your log.debug code is not can try with console.log('abc') also.

RE: Debug backtest - codinghamster - 07-19-2018

Thanks Mark Smile

Yep, console.log works fine. The debug module is importing successfully when my custom strat runs (I added a console.log in there to check the access), but log.debug('Test') doesn't produce any output in my console. debug = true in my config, and I manually set it true just to be sure, still nothing in the console. There must be an issue in the debug module's code somewhere.