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GekkoGA Parallel questions - PatTrends - 07-06-2018

Hey all,

I'm attempting to use the run-ga-parallel.js script but after running it for a while I don't get any results. I can see in terminal that its changing the parameters with each run, and the epochs are stacking up, but it always returns "profit 0$" at the top and this at the bottom...

Quote:Other metrics of global maximum:
Global maximum so far:

As far as I can tell, no errors are being generated and the same strategy works via CLI, Web UI, and the standard GekkoGA.

Also (might be related), but can someone explain the "writer" parameters? I assume it writes the results to the specified path, but I can't get this to work either.

  "writer": {
            "enabled": true,
            "logpath": "logs/test"



RE: GekkoGA Parallel questions - askmike - 07-07-2018

I've released a new Gekko version (0.6) 2 days ago, I am pretty sure it is not compatible with gekkoGA yet (it's a separate project not managed by me). I've opened an issue here:

RE: GekkoGA Parallel questions - PatTrends - 07-07-2018

Got it! Thanks Mike.