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Webinterface disconnected on V0.6.1 - vultureonline - 07-05-2018

I installed Gekko 0.6.1 on my Raspberry Pi but I'm unable te get the webinterface running.
I installed all the files via git (from the installation instructions) and edited the config-file in the web/vue/public dir.
This file is exactly as it was when in version 0.5 that was working great.
Is there any more configuration to do?

The error I get is when Gekko is running and I browse to the webinterface (on port 3000) is: 
Something happened to either Gekko or the connection. Please check the terminal where Gekko is running or your network connection.
This message is shown when the UI is unable to open a websocket connection with the Gekko Server.

This is my UIconfig.js file:

const CONFIG = {
 headless: true,
 api: {
   host: '',
   port: 3000,
   timeout: 120000 // 2 minutes
 ui: {
   ssl: false,
   host: '',
   port: 3000,
   path: '/'
 adapter: 'sqlite'

if(typeof window === 'undefined')
 module.exports = CONFIG;
 window.CONFIG = CONFIG;

Any help?

RE: Webinterface disconnected on V0.6.1 - askmike - 07-05-2018

The UIConfig has moved! Make sure you have actually edited the file now located in `gekko/web/vue/public/UIconfig.js`.

EDIT: you stated you did edit the file located in the public dir, very strange. Might be releated to this issue:

RE: Webinterface disconnected on V0.6.1 - vultureonline - 07-05-2018

Yes, that did the trick.

Thanks very much.

RE: Webinterface disconnected on V0.6.1 - askmike - 07-06-2018

To quickly update: 0.6 comes with a new version of the frontend framework used by Gekko (called vuejs). As such please pull the latest develop branch and instead edit the UIconfig located at `gekko/web/vue/dist/UIconfig.js`. Else not everything might work as expected.