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Remote manual override - CMyers - 05-15-2018

Here's what I would find most useful - the ability to manually do four things, remotely by email or phone app, in a secure way:

1. Send buy advice to my trader
2. Send sell advice to my trader
3. Pause my trader, but keep watching the market
4. Restart my trader from a paused state

With my (lack of) skills, I'd probably have the trader watching an email address like for instructions, but I'm sure there's a more crypto-savvy way of implementing this.

Trading on based on charts is better than guessing, but sometimes you see a shift in the fundamentals (block reward halving, for example) and want to manually take action or prevent buying into a bull trap, etc.

I'd put up a bounty, but I have a new baby on the way in 4 weeks...   Big Grin