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Balance and sell error - Kris191 - 05-11-2018

Hi guys,

Gekko has been crashing and after looking at it the reason seems to be that the bot is trying to sell more of the asset than i currently have. can anyone share any experience on how to fix this?

Also gekko seems to see binance's fee as 10% for some reason even when they config has it at 0.10

RE: Balance and sell error - crypto49er - 05-11-2018

What strategy are you using? I ask because I seen strategies that issues multiple sell advices. I'm guessing that is causing the bot to sell more than you have?

Try setting the fee to 0.001?

RE: Balance and sell error - ManuManu - 05-12-2018

It's strange, usually you can emit several buy or sell in a row, Gekko will only take the first one into account...

RE: Balance and sell error - susitronix - 05-12-2018

DID You used volatility!?!
i only managed to crash gekko´s by using VERY VOLATILE PAIRS:
2month Profit +116874% oopsy

this is the best example i could find...hehe lol
it may look good when backtesting, but liveGekko does not match the backtest in theese extrem-trends BECAUSE OF SLIPPAGE
Gekko is willing to Buy/Sell but it just "get stuck in the trade" because there is no one filling the order.
Cheers p.