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Gekko usage [newbie question] - tog - 01-08-2018

Hi there

This might be a newbie question!
How shall I use Gekko?
Is it a tool that monitor the BTC rate on various trading sites and make buy/sell decisions based on differences on those sites. Right?
As far as I understand correctly Gekko is about BTC only would that make sense to add more cryto-currencies and play on a given sites at buying/selling various currencies?


RE: Gekko usage [newbie question] - redquicksilver - 01-08-2018

It isn't just about BTC, there are many, many different crypto currencies available. I personally do not trade in BTC. If you go to 'Live Gekkos', 'Start a new Gekko' the first question is to choose your exchange. Once you have done that you can pick your trading pair, along with a strategy of your choice, and obviously just use the 'paper trader' to start so that you can get a feel of how Gekko works.