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Plugin Configs - Kris191 - 03-02-2018

HI all,

Im new to this but have managed to get Gekko running on a VPS server, one question however is where are the config files for plugins stored, i'm reading the documentation page to see how to edit them but when i open up the {plugin_name}.js files the text is completely different am i in the wrong area?? I'm current looking at the {plugin_name}.js files in the plugin folder. 

Any help would be great.

RE: Plugin Configs - askmike - 03-15-2018

Note that plugins only work when you run Gekko via the commandline interface. You can configure a plugin in the config file you pass to gekko. For example you can start a gekko like so:

node gekko --config myconfigfile.js

And your config file would contain the configuration for plugins, see this link for an example: