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Live bot data history - eaaw - 02-18-2018

Hello Gekko community,

I have a question about live UI trades, can i make it based on data history to import from binance, i readed that its possible onli via CLI ?
Thank you for your precious time.

Best Regards,

RE: Live bot data history - askmike - 02-19-2018

You only need historical data for the warmup period for your strategy, for nothing else (you can backtest fine using the UI). In the next version the UI will also use this data Smile

Live bot data history - ankasem - 02-19-2018

i am using ui to run tradebot gekko
the candles we give and the duration of warming are enough
15 candle size X 10 warmup period = will use 2 hours, 30 minutes of data as history
gekko ui is enough for the tradebot
thank you