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Sharing backtesting data? - zappra - 02-17-2018

Is it just me or is downloading data for backtesting from exchanges REALLY slow?

I'm trying gdax and poloniex.

Surely it should be possible to share the database files - the db itself doesn't contain any sensitive info, only the candle data, correct?

Ideally I'd like some decent sized (1 year at least) datasets across several different coins to test against. Would anyone be willing to share on github?


RE: Sharing backtesting data? - ManuManu - 02-17-2018


there are already some discussions about that on the forum, but it looks like it's against the Exchange policies, so basically not authorized.
Even though it looks like some people are sharing them in other situations without giving it more thoughs...

RE: Sharing backtesting data? - mrseo - 05-06-2021

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